Miley Cyrus Bedroom Design Ideas

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Miley Cyrus’ bedroom is looking particularily trendy! The black, brown, and blue in her bedroom look’s great. The zebra chairs really stand out in the design and contrast the other patterns in the room. Once again we see a chandelier handing from the bed. You can achieve this in your room easily by replacing the ceiling fan with a chandelier which is really easy to do or have an expert do. The white carpet with the blue shag rug adds warmth and comfort to the room and the white ceiling makes the room feel like it has higher ceilings than it actually has. In her pink dressing room she makes a strong statement with repeating black vinyl chandelier accents along the wall. The large mirror adds light to the room while the ladder wall shelves on either side of the mirror create an organized balance in the room. Overall, Miley Cyrus really did a great job on this teen bedroom. What do you think of Miley Cyrus’ bedroom? Comment and let us know!