Teen Bedroom Makeovers

Teenagers like to express their older sophisticated self. Small affordable projects can make a teenagers room look like their own haven.

When painting a contemporary teenage bedroom paint all the walls the same color except one. The one wall that is left should be a bold color that stands out, this will be your accent wall. Base your small decorations off the color of the accent wall. This will make colors look meant to be and not randomly placed throughout a room.

Contemporary nightstand lamps will make a contemporary teenage bedroom look larger and fancier. Lamps are affordable but still make a strong statement in a contemporary room.

When choosing a nightstand for a room make sure it does not take away from any of the colors in the room or stand out too much. Simple nightstands are the best choice for a contemporary teen bedroom. Unique affordable furniture can be found at the antique stores and thrift stores.

Attractive bed frames are a great choice when decorating a teen bedroom. Bed frames not only make a bold statement but are also relatively affordable depending on where you shop for them. Watch our Contemporary Teen Bedroom Ideas video for examples of excellent bed frames for a teen room.

Artwork is a must have in a contemporary teen’s bedroom. A great affordable idea is to purchase blank CD’s and frame the shiny side of them in a contemporary frame. Several rows of CD’s not only look very elegant and classy but also gives a room a brighter and larger feeling because of the reflective materials the CD is made of. Mirrors and mirrored closet doors are also a great idea to make a teen’s room appear bigger.

Be yourself – express yourself: contemporary teenage bedrooms.

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